Why You Should Convince Your Friends to Learn to Scuba Dive!

Scuba diving is very much a social hobby. Many lifelong friendships are built because of the training, travel and cooperation that are part of scuba, and we can’t argue with the fact that diving with friends or family just makes it much more fun.

Whether you are a beginner yourself or have lots of experience with scuba diving, recommending that a friend learn to scuba dive can result in great fun for your both. Your friend gets to learn an exciting new skill, you gain a scuba diving companion and you both now get to enjoy the hobby with someone whose company you enjoy! If you’ve got a non-diving friend who you think would love scuba, here’s why and how you should convince them to take a scuba class!

Best scuba buddies

Some of the best friendships are derived from shared experiences, and it’s always a lot of fun when you and your close friends can do cool things you enjoy together. If you’re really interested or experienced in scuba, try to convince a good friend to learn, too. That way, you can dive both locally and while traveling, all while bettering your friendship.

Diving with another person is also highly recommended by most scuba diving experts. It can be extremely dangerous to dive alone, so the buddy system is strongly encouraged, especially for newer divers. Having a friend you can rely on to accompany you while diving helps to keep you even safer while having fun underwater.

How to get them involved

If you’ve got a friend in mind but they’re not totally convinced that scuba diving is right for them, see if they’d be willing to experience a “Try Scuba” program to test the waters, literally and figuratively. Our “Try Scuba” program at Northeast Scuba gives beginners classroom and pool experience to get them started and see how they like it!

The course gives beginners just a taste of the scuba diving experience with one to two hours of information in a classroom and the pool. They’ll learn the basics of diving and about the equipment used before they’ll try it out for themselves and hopefully have fun!

And, if they decide to sign up for our Open Water certification course after they try it, we’ll credit the Try Scuba fee towards their tuition! Plus, if you refer a friend to take their Open Water Diving Course from us, you can receive a $50 gift certificate for more advanced classes, gear or rentals!

Visit Northeast Scuba to share the scuba diving experience

If you want to have a friend learn to scuba dive or want to learn yourself, call Northeast Scuba. For more than 20 years, our full-service dive facility has offered equipment sales, scuba instruction, repair services and travel opportunities to divers of all levels in Massachusetts. We offer a variety of scuba classes to service everyone, from beginners to advanced or specialty divers to instructors. Make sure to check out our monthly specials! Give us a call or reserve a spot in our classes through our website!

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