Underwater Navigator

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Tuition: $225.00

Academic Material: $44.99

Course includes:

  • Review of compass use (on land)
  • Review compass use U/W
  • Practice running compass patterns: straight line, square, “U”

Prerequisites: SSI Open Water or Jr. Open Water or equivalent.

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How do I swim from here to there and back again? How will using a compass improve my diving skills? If I find an interesting site underwater, how do I re-find it in the future?

Under water navigation is not luck! By using a compass and basic navigation skills underwater you will be able to navigate out from a shore entry and return with little to no surfacing to re-check your location. You will also be able to “mark” or relocate objects using basic navigational skills taught during the SSI Underwater Navigator Course.
Course Highlights

The purpose of the SSI Underwater Navigator Course is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of navigating underwater. You will learn about distance estimation, natural navigation (without a compass), and compass navigation. You will develop the ability to perform important skills, including relocating a submerged object or position from the surface, underwater map making and application, and practice several navigation patterns. Minimum of two open water dives.
Instructional Material: Students will be provided access to the SSI Underwater Navigator on-line material.

Required Equipment and Materials: Students are responsible for providing a complete scuba equipment package including mask, fins, snorkel, boots, appropriate exposure protection, (students wishing to use dry suits must show proof of dry suit certification or they may elect to use Northeast Scuba’s dry suit option for the course), hood, mitts or gloves, BCD with LPI , regulator with octopus or alternate air source (not a “Spare air”), SPG, depth gauge, timer or watch, compass, weight system, two tanks, knife, whistle, RDP and log book. Note: Some of the very basic equipment items may be available for rental, however items such as masks, fins, snorkels, timers, knives, and whistles must be purchased.

Check our schedule for upcoming classes.

Boat dives additional.