The Benefits of Local Scuba Diving in Massachusetts

Most people who do not dive regularly associate scuba diving with tropical weather. While it’s true that many tourists in tropical locations enjoy scuba diving in the ocean and along reefs, the activity is also extremely popular in more temperate climates and freshwater environments, including right here in Massachusetts.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why diving enthusiasts should consider making an effort to get out and dive more in their own local areas. Here are just a few of the main benefits of local scuba diving in Massachusetts:

  • It’s not as expensive: There’s no need for you to plan out a long, expensive vacation to a faraway tropical paradise to go scuba diving when there are plenty of diving opportunities practically in your backyard. While tropical ocean and reef dives are certainly a lot of fun, if you just want to get out and dive, all you need to do is head to the Massachusetts coast and connect with a dive shop to set up a dive time. You’ll save quite a bit of money not having to travel far away from home every time you get the scuba diving itch.
  • Get a grasp of history: A lot of the dive sites around Massachusetts are historical in nature. You’ll find old shipwrecks, downed airplanes or other wreckage that has a unique and interesting story behind it. If you’ve lived in Massachusetts (especially the Boston area) for long, you know just how much history there is to explore in the region, and some of that history is located underwater.
  • Learn more about local plants and animals: If you’re interested in the marine flora and fauna around Massachusetts, diving locally will allow you opportunities to learn much more about local plants and animals. After a few times out diving, you’ll find you begin to recognize some plants, fish and other sea creatures that are native to the region.
  • Improve your fishing: While there are many dive sites that do not allow fishing, you can still improve your skills as an angler by diving because it allows you a unique opportunity to explore the behavior and habits of fish underwater. You can figure out where they most like to eat or congregate, and at which times of day, which will help you pick your fishing spots better whenever you hit the water in a boat.
  • Stimulate the local economy: By diving locally rather than spending all your money to go on expensive, far-off diving excursions, you’ll be putting your money into local diving businesses, helping to ensure other people will be able to have local diving opportunities as well. The diving business cannot thrive in Massachusetts without local support!

These are just a few of the biggest benefits associated with diving locally rather than traveling to tropical areas to get your diving fix. For more information about why you should consider scuba diving in Massachusetts the next time you want to hit the water, contact Northeast Scuba today.

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