Swim Like a Fish on All Your Dive Trips with the 2017 Aquabionic 1 Fin!

People get into the activities and hobbies that they do for different reasons. Some need an outlet to rid their minds of all the negativity in the world, while others are in desperate need of a way to relieve varying levels of stress. If you love being in the water—be it the open ocean, deep lakes or a swimming pool—then you might just enjoy scuba diving, assuming that you aren’t already.

When it comes to quality diving gear, fins are some of the most important. But with so many options available, which fin is the best for you? If you want to swim like a fish on all your future dive trips, then the aquabionic 1 scuba diving fin may be for you! Here are some reasons why.

They are made with warp technology

Patented as water adapting responsive propulsion technology, shortened to warp technology, the 2017 aquabionic 1 fin is considered to be the most advanced fin in the scuba diving world. Its design encompasses the idea that diving in the open waters needs to feel natural. So, the aquabionic team took a very necessary innovative approach to ensure the creation of a fin that could mimic the motion of marine mammals in the water. The result? The world’s first water adopting propulsion system for fins—the strongest, most comfortable diving fin to ever hit the market.

What makes aquabionic fins so fantastic

To fully appreciate all the aquabionic fin has to offer is to take if for a spin. Until then, we can tell you that the aquabionic fin—with patented warp technology and bionic capabilities—features a progressive cupping action and fin blades that spread so naturally you’ll propel through the water smoothly with minimal effort. It amplifies the diver’s style of kicks, while being responsive should more propulsion be needed, and helps to push through even the toughest of diving conditions. This fin is so comfortable that you can wear it all day long, even if you’re diving in full dress and gear. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Every kick is unique. The aquabionic feels like a different fin, kick after kick. The blade’s ability to adapt is brought about by the dynamic cupping and spreading of the fin, which enhances a diver’s strength and kick style.
  • The responsiveness and performance of the fin is thanks mostly to the high-end, good performing materials used in its manufacturing.
  • The warp technology used is the best for diving fins. They propel you through the water, aligning and pushing water flow to create a mono-directional thrust in the direction you want to go.
  • Are you a beginner? Currently taking lessons? A seasoned diver? The great thing about warp technology is that it is the most versatile diving fin for divers of all levels.

At Northeast Scuba, we encourage everyone interested in going on an underwater adventure to give it a try. We are a full service dive facility offering professional scuba instruction, equipment sales and rentals, repair services and more. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about the 2017 aquabionic 1 fin, or to inquire about our upcoming scheduled dive trips!

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