Search & Recovery

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Tuition: $225.00

Academic Material: $44.99

Course Includes:

  • Compass review on land
  • Selecting the best search pattern
  • Compass use running square, straight line, “U” patterns
  • Expanding circle or square patterns
  • Recovery techniques, knots, lift bag use
  • 2 Open Water dives

Prerequisites: SSI Open Water or equivalent. Minimum age 15.

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SSI Search and Recovery Diver Course

If someone lost something in the water, how would you go about finding it? What is a circle search? When do you use a “U” shaped pattern to search? Which technique is best to use for finding something small, or something large? Once you find something that weighs over 10 pounds, how do you get it to the surface?

The SSI Search and Recovery Diver Course will teach you the basics of lost and found and how to apply the correct search technique to find the lost object. Small objects like watches or rings often require a different technique than larger objects like anchors or small motors. Then once you have found the object, and if it weighs more than 10 pounds, how are you going to lift it to the surface? Lift bags are the obvious answer but what safety precautions must be taken and what size lift bag is required?

Course Highlights
The SSI Search and Recovery Course covers the basics of search patterns and emphasizes underwater navigation techniques. The buddy system is crucial to successful searching and lifting of objects and this course explains and provides you with practical exercises to hone your skills. The SSI Search and Recovery Diver Course is to familiarize divers with skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and the fun of basic search and light salvage.
Instructional Equipment: Students must complete the SSI Search and Recovery Diver on-line course.

Required Equipment and Materials: Students are responsible for providing a complete scuba equipment package including mask, fins, snorkel, boots, appropriate exposure protection, (students wishing to use dry suits must show proof of dry suit certification or they may elect to use Northeast Scuba’s dry suit option for the course), hood, mitts or gloves, BCD with LPI , regulator with octopus or alternate air source (not a “Spare air”), SPG, depth gauge, timer or watch, compass, weight system, two tanks, knife, whistle, RDP and log book. Note: Some of the very basic equipment items may be available for rental, however items such as masks, fins, snorkels, timers, knives, and whistles must be purchased.

Check our schedule for upcoming classes.