Perfect Buoyancy

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Tuition: $200.00

Academic Materials: $44.99

Course Includes:

  • Defining Buoyancy
  • Equipment used to control Buoyancy
  • Proper weighting
  • Proper trim
  • Practical exercises

Dates: Jan. 13, Jan. 27, Feb.  10, Feb. 24, Mar. 10, Mar. 24, Apr. 7, Apr. 21, May 5, May 19

Check our schedule for upcoming class dates.


Diving should be easy and fun! One of the most important skills you need to learn and master is buoyancy control. Your open water diver course introduced the BCD, weight system and exposure protection, all needed to dive safely and comfortably.
Buoyancy control means just that, you are in complete control of your buoyancy. When you are in control you have complete confidence in your ability to maintain your position in the water column. This might mean you are resting on the surface, before or after a dive. You may want to kneel on the bottom, in a sandy and uninhabited area of course, to remove or adjust equipment. Better yet, you are diving in mid water, around one of our local wrecks or off one of the famous walls in tropical waters, and you are right where you want to be. You are not fighting to stay off the bottom nor are you working to stay at depth.

The Perfect Buoyancy Course will teach you how to adjust your weight for the exposure suit of choice, how to stay “trimmed” as you swim and how to hover in place. All of these skills are necessary to have that control you desire. Some divers eventually “get” it when it comes to buoyancy control but they may have spent many dives wasting energy, wasting air and unhappy with their personal diving techniques. Minimum of two open water dives..

You can shorten the learning curve by attending Northeast Scuba’s Perfect Buoyancy Course and learn from the pros. We will discuss the keys to proper weighting and then practice in a pool prior to our open water dives. During the dives you will have an opportunity to try different weight systems and maybe even different BCD’s. We want you to be comfortable and in “control” during your diving excursions. Check our schedule for upcoming class dates.