Open Water

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Learn to dive with one of the world’s most popular scuba course, the SSI Open Water Diver program.

SSI Open Water Course (Beginner Course)


Open Water Course Tuition: $750.00


SSI Open Water on-line training modules

Academic review sessions

Confined water (pool) skills training

Open water Dives (4)

Scuba rental equipment (tanks, regulator, BCD, wet suit, weights)

Course Dates: Jan. 12/13/14, Jan. 26/27/28, Feb. 9/10/11, Feb, 23/24/25, mar. 9/10/11, Mar. 23/24/25, Apr. 6/7/8, Apr. 20/21/22, May 4/5/6, May 18/19/20

Experience the exhilarating feeling of breathing underwater while seeing the incredible sights this liquid world has to offer. Northeast Scuba’s trained professionals will ensure you learn the necessary skills so that you too can enjoy what’s below the surface. Have fun with our instructions while you gain the skills to confidently explore this world with a buddy.

The SSI Open Water Diver program is comprised of three components: Academic Instruction, Confined Water Skills and Open Water Dives. Upon successful completion of all three phases you will earn your Open Water certification.

During the academic sessions you will learn about the physics of our watery world and how certain concepts apply to us while we are diving. The various pieces of equipment will be shown and use for each explained and later practiced in the confined water and open water sessions. You can complete the academic requirements by enrolling in SSI’s FREE on-line training- go to for enrollment in the e learning program. You can expect the on-line training to take about 3 hours to complete.

Confined water sessions allow our professional staff to gently introduce you to how scuba equipment works and the various uses as well as prepare you for the open water dives. You will learn how to clear water from a mask while still underwater, achieving and maintaining proper buoyancy will be practiced as well as various entry and exit techniques. Of course there are many skills to learn but its more fun learning them in the water than trying to picture them in a write up. Please review our schedule for upcoming classes. We typically have two weekend courses per month and one weeknight class.

Pool sessions for the weeknight class are generally 8pm-10pm on the 3-6 nights of class. The weekend courses generally have the pool sessions Saturday and SUnday evenings from 5pm-8pm. Academic sessions on weekends generally begin between 10:30Am and 1:00PM but are at the discretion of the instructor for actual start tmes. Make sure you bring a swim suit and towel.

Once the academic and confined water sessions are completed, the diver is eligible to participate in the four open water dives. During these dives you will practice the skills learned during the pool sessions but more importantly, you will be learning about the underwater world, the creatures that live there and how to safely dive local waters.

Northeast Scuba has many customers who elect to complete the academic and pool sessions here and then finish their certification dives while on a vacation. This is called a referral. We will supply you with all the necessary paperwork showing completion of the academic and pool sessions. The receiving dive facility will review your knowledge and skills and then take you on your four open water dives.

Northeast Scuba offers several scheduling options for the SSI Open Water Diver program:

Weeknight sessions meet two nights per week for three weeks. During these six sessions you will complete the academic and confined water sessions. Open water dives, if you are planning on diving our local waters, will be scheduled on a weekend. A typical session is 6pm-9:30pm on the first two nights and then 8pm-10:30pm on the nights with pool sessions.

Tuition: $750.00 for the on-line training option includes academic and pool sessions. Make up sessions for either pool or classroom are $40.00/hour/person. The four open water dives are also included in this price

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Weekend Sessions meet one weekend to complete all academic and confined water requirements and then another weekend for the four open water dives. Weekend classes usually begin Friday evenings at 6:00pm and go until about 9:00PM.. A typical session is 12:00pm-9pm on Saturday and 2pm-8pm on Sunday. Saturday sessions can begin between 10:30AM and 1:00PM, at the discretion of the instructor so ask about the specific start time when you meet with your instructor on Friday evening.. Sunday sessions are sometimes held earlier depending on pool availability. Times may vary depending on pool availability.

Tuition: $750.00 for the on-line training option includes academic and pool sessions. make up session are $40.00/hr per person. The 4 open water dives are also include in this tuition.

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Private instruction is also an option. Depending on the student’s availability and pool schedule we can customize a one on one session or private instruction for small groups or families. Please inquire about our private instruction if you feel you cannot meet our regularly scheduled classes. Private instruction pricing applies.

<u”>Weekday Open Water certification Dives: There may be times when your schedule does not allow for completing your four open water dives over a weekend. Should you need weekday dives instead, this fall into a private instruction category and an additional $175.00 will be charged. per person.

Equipment: Northeast Scuba provides the scuba related equipment for either class, option the BCD, tank, regulator, weights, wet suit for the pool sessions only.

Open Water dive equipment: regulator, BCD, wet suit, hood, gloves, tanks, weights can be rented at the rate of 49.50 per day or a total of 99.00 plus tax for the weekend.. .

Each student will need their own mask, fins, snorkel and boots for the class. We offer these with a Northeast Scuba discount.. (Rental of mask, fins, snorkel and boots is $55.00 for the pool sessions..) Mask, fins, snorkel and boot rental fees associated with the pool may be applied toward the purchase of mask, fins, snorkel and boots for the open water dives. Students must supply their own mask, fins, snorkel and boots for the open water dives.

The cost of the Open Water weekend dives or Referral dives is $275.00.

Weekday Open Water dives are by special request and dependent on our instructors’ schedule. An additional fee of $200.00 is added to the regular price of 275.00 ($475.00 total for this open water option).

Fees for boat dives are additional.

Cancellations & Rescheduling: Students cancelling or rescheduling classes within 72 hours of the start date/time may be required to pay a $100.00/person fee. This fee is required if the remaining number of students in the class falls below the 6 required to start the class.