Open Water Referral

Open Water Referral Course

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Referral Course Tuition: $549.00
SSI Open Water on-line training module
Academic review and final exam
Confined water (pool) Scuba skills training
Rental scuba equipment- tank, regulator, BCD, wet suit, weights

Course Dates: Jan. 12/13/14, Jan. 26/27/28, Feb. 9/10/11, Feb, 23/24/25, mar. 9/10/11, Mar. 23/24/25, Apr. 6/7/8, Apr. 20/21/22, May 4/5/6, May 18/19/20

Northeast Scuba’s Open Water Referral Course allows you to complete the academic and pool training sessions locally thus preparing you for your open water dives at another location.

Here’s how it works (video):

First stop by and sign up for one of our popular SSI Open Water courses. Northeast Scuba’s trained SSI staff will present the academic information in a way that makes learning fun and shows you how the subject matter relates to you and diving.

It’s easy, fun and you can even begin your scuba journey on-line by signing up for the academic training via SSI’s web site www.dive and enrolling. Identify Northeast Scuba as you dive facility of choice and you are ready to begin.

On-line training for the SSI Open Water Diver course will take you approximately 2-3 hours to complete. There are six chapters and a quiz at the end of each chapter. Once you have completed everything you can print your certificate of completion and bring it with you to class.

Our trained staff will also teach you the basic scuba skills you need in order to dive safely. You will demonstrate these same skills when you are on your open water training dives.

Northeast Scuba will prepare a “Referral” packet that you will take with you to your resort destination.

Other agencies besides SSI can complete your open water dives and sign off verifying you have successfully completed the open water training. Now you can enjoy the vacation, dive as a certified diver, and once home return your completed referral packet to Northeast Scuba and we will see that your SSI Open Water Diver certification card is issued. Call ahead and make sure you understand their Referral policy and fees at the receiving resort..

The entire process couldn’t be easier. It will enhance your vacation and allow you to enjoy more of your time away diving rather than in a resort attending training sessions.

Mask, Fins, Snorkel and boots may be purchased and we offer a student discount for these items. We also rent these items for an additional fee of $55.00 for the pool. Rental fee can be credited toward the purchase of an entire package of mask, fins, snorkel and boots if [purchased within 60 days of course completion.

Cancellations & Rescheduling: Students cancelling or rescheduling classes within 72 hours of the start date/time may be required to pay a $175.00/person fee. This fee is required when the number of students remaining in the class falls below the required 6 needed to run the class.

See our Schedule for upcoming classes.