Macro Photography

Would you like greater success photographing small creatures in our New England waters or maybe your warm water destinations? Underwater photography is the perfect way to capture images of your underwater adventures and then share then with family and friends.

Macro Photography, the technique of shooting smaller life forms in our marine environment, is the perfect way to bring back evidence and pictorial descriptions of the smallest of creatures. Many divers never see these tiny critter because they do not know where they live and hide. Northeast Scuba believes macro photographers develop a better knowledge of all creatures, big and small, and the habitats that supply food and shelter for them.

The Macro Photography specialty course will cover the basics of shooting pictures underwater with emphasis on the use of macro lens technologies. Lectures will cover camera types, ISO settings, strobe use, macro lens selections and picture compositions.

The course includes two lectures, one pool session and three open water dives. Successful participants will receive the PADI Macro Photography specialty certification.

Check our schedule for upcoming classes.

Tuition: $225.00
Boat dives extra.