Local Dive Charters & Sunday Fun Dives

Northeast Scuba supports several local dive boat charter operations located on Cape Ann. These dive boats offer comfortable and safe travel to our exciting off-shore destinations whether you are interested in lobster diving, scallops, general exploration, underwater photography or wreck diving.

Charters are typically 4-6 hours in length depending on the dive site and activity.

Located in Gloucester, MA.

AM and PM dives

Night dives on request

Recreational dive sites vary considerably from shallow 20ft dives to the deeper wreck dives (120 ft). You will find the marine life quite varied and beautiful. From our fish to invertebrates, we have many species in our local waters. A great resource for local marine life identification is a field guide by Andy Martinez, “Marine Life of the North Atlantic”.

If wreck diving is one of your favorite activities then our local waters offer quite a few dive sites that should meet your diving requirements. We have wrecks, like the New Hampshire, in 20-25 feet of water. The Chelsea lies in 60 feet and the Chester Polling in 90 feet of water. By the way, the Polling is one of the most dived wrecks in New England area and offers a great introduction into wreck diving if you haven’t tried this exciting dive option yet. Northeast Scuba offers regularly scheduled trips to the Polling and other sites via Cape Ann Divers or Cape Ann Charters. Join us on a dive this summer!

Now for the charter links:

Visit our friends Mary and Dave Stillman at Cape Ann Divers, located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. You will find Cape Ann Divers has regularly scheduled trips on their two boats and can often accommodate specific site requests. Please check their web site for upcoming charters, current pricing and policies.

Another of our favorite charters is through Cape Ann Charters, operated by Fran Marcoux and his son Matt. Fran runs one of the few charter vessels catering to technical diving enthusiasts. If you want to explore some of our deeper wrecks, 150-250′, then Fran is the guy you want use for the charter. He regularly schedules technical trips throughout the summer and fall months. If recreational diving is more your cup of tea then his local sites around Cape Ann will allow you lobster, scallop, wreck and sight seeing trips. Please give Fran a call at 508-873-8339.

Captain Domenic’s charter service for fishing and diving: www.captaindomenic.com

If you enjoy salt water fishing, scuba diving and  harbor cruises then Captain Domenic might be a good choice for you. Fishing: Tuna, Stripers, Blues, Mackeral. Scuba diving: lobster, scallops, shallow reef dives or out to some of our local wreck like the Polling and other. Conveniently located in Gloucester, Ma.  508-846-2152.


Happy Diving!