How to Pack and Store Your Scuba Diving Gear This Winter

When you’re ready to put away your gear for the winter, spending a little bit of extra time to pack it away the right way can greatly extend the life of your gear for the long run. And that stuff’s expensive––why wouldn’t you want to get a little more use out of it?

As always, we’re about being helpful here at Northeast Scuba. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide for packing away your gear the right way to ensure it’s ready to use again come spring.

Clean everything

This is the most important step and should not be skipped. You don’t really need to use any soap or detergent. Just thoroughly wash your gear with fresh water, and let it all dry, outside in the sun if you can manage. Make sure to dry your wetsuits inside out. Once everything’s good and dry, you can move on to the next step.

Proper storage

You don’t want to just put your gear in the garage and forget about it. You really need to store it somewhere you can guarantee will be moisture free, not too hot, not too cold––safe from the elements, in other words. We suggest a large plastic storage tub with a lid that fits snugly and locks. If you don’t have one on hand, they are not very expensive. Make sure you get one large enough that you don’t have to fold your wetsuit or jam your equipment in to make it fit. Then, storing the gear in a closet or under your bed is a good idea. It really needs to be stored somewhere climate controlled.

Dealing with your air cylinders

Your air cylinders are a little easier to deal with. Just make sure that where are you store them does not get excessively hot, and make sure that you store them standing upright, and that they are secured so they will not tip over. In addition, remember to always leave at least 200 PSI in your tank, which is necessary to prevent contamination.

Be ready to get back out in the water when spring comes around

If you plan to take the winter off from diving, enjoy your crackling fires, your spiced apple cider and your pumpkin pies, but once spring comes around again, be ready to dust off your gear and get back into the water––all winter long all sorts of interesting and fantastical things have been happening there without you around to see them. You’ve got to catch up!

Scuba diving in Chelmsford, MA

At Northeast Scuba, scuba diving is our passion. During the time we spend under the water, we feel more at home in our own skin and more a part of the world as a whole. We are passionate about it, and we feel lucky that, as part of our jobs, we get to share that passion with you. Give us a call, and let’s have an adventure. We’ll see if we can’t make scuba-diving lifers out of all of you!

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