SSI Oxygen Provider Course

SSI Emergency Oxygen First Aid Provider Course

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Tuition: $95.00

Course Includes:

  • Review CPR and First Aid Procedures
  • Injuries requiring Oxygen
  • Oxygen equipment orientation
  • Scenarios and practical skills providing oxygen

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All these years everyone has been telling you how important it is to administer oxygen in diving accidents, but nobody has shown you how!

Be prepared… let Northeast Scuba show you how.
All leading diver certification and dive medicine related organizations like PADI and DAN agree that 100% oxygen is not only safe to administer to patients of possible diving accidents, but that 100% oxygen is the primary first aid measure for these diving emergencies. Oxygen should be available at every dive site be it poolside, open water or on a boat. 100% oxygen and the equipment and training to administer it is no longer nice to have for dive instruction, it is a must. The delivery of 100% oxygen as first aid in diving accidents is now the standard for safe diving practices.
Course Highlights

This program includes academic presentation with written materials and hands-on experience with emergency oxygen delivery systems specifically designed for diving injuries, several types of pocket masks and practice on mannequins and your fellow classmates. Lectures, slides and video will be used to deliver course material. Successful participants will receive both the SSI Oxygen First Aid certifications.