Diver Stress & Rescue Specialty

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Tuition: $345.00

Academic material: $69.99


  • Confined water training and review of rescue skills
  • Review of first aid and CPR and O2 administration to injured divers
  • Open Water rescue skills and scenarios

Prerequisites: SSI Open Water or equivalent, current first aid, CPR and O2 provider certifications, minimum age 15

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“Diver, Diver…. Are you ok??! How would you react to a diving emergency? Can you assist your buddy until help arrives? Do you know how to prevent diving accidents before they happen?

These are hard questions that every responsible diver should ask himself or herself. Despite the best Open Water training and most careful dive planning, accidents do occur. There is probably no worse feeling than being helpless in such a situation. Northeast Scuba offers more than your usual sport rescue program. We can prepare you to be ready to prevent accidents and emergencies and to minimize the damage that results should the unexpected occur. The SSI Diver Stress & Rescue Certification prepares you to begin your progression toward the Divemaster rating, which is the first step towards becoming a professional SSI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have experienced the use of various rescue equipment, completed drills on panicky and unconscious divers, performed searches for lost divers and practiced artificial respiration on the surface with a simulated unconscious diver. You will have the confidence in using your equipment and your skills under different circumstances and under stress.

Course Highlights
Session I: Go over knowledge reviews and take written exam.
Session II: Conduct rescue training exercises in confined or open water.
Session III: Conduct rescue scenarios in open water.

Minimum of two open water dives (completed in one day).

Required Equipment and Materials: Students are responsible for providing a complete SCUBA equipment package including mask, fins, snorkel, boots, appropriate exposure protection, (students wishing to use dry suits must show proof of dry suit certification or they may elect to use Northeast Scuba’s dry suit option for the course), hood, mitts or gloves, BCD with LPI , regulator with octopus or alternate air source (not a “Spare air”), SPG, depth gauge, timer or watch, compass, weight system, two tanks, knife, whistle, RDP and log book. Note: Some of the very basic equipment items may be available for rental, however items such as masks, fins, snorkels, timers, knives, and whistles must be purchased.

Check our schedule for upcoming classes.