Atlantis – Philippines 2019


Atlantis Resort: Dumaguete and Azores Live Aboard.


August 29- September 10, 2019

11 days of incredible diving!

Only 16 Spots available on this exciting diving adventure.

Orientation Video


Our exciting Malapascua – Cebu charter offers some of the best diving in the Philippines, including Sumilon Island, Pescador Island & Malapascua’s Gato Island, home of a sea crate protected breeding sanctuary. This charter includes another Malapascua favorite, Monad Shoal, known for frequent sightings of thresher sharks as well as manta rays. In addition to these pelagic species, the Malapascua area offers a wide variety of critter diving not to mention abundant reefs and wall diving. Leaving Malapascua, we head to Calanggaman Island, one of Philippines most beautiful islands. Next we head to Bohol for again a wide variety of reef, wall & critter diving as well as some land tour opportunities for those so inclined. As a Grand Finale we finish the itinerary on the dramatic walls of Balicasag, one of our favorite dives.


So where are we going in the Philippenes?


Our first two days in the Philippines at the Atlantis Dumaguete resort.


Atlantis Dumaguete

Arrive August 29 and depart August 31, 2019.

Just a thirty minute drive from the local airport, on a long peaceful stretch of beach, lies the lush and luxurious Atlantis Dive Resort – Dumaguete.

Surrounded by an amazing tropical garden with some of the rarest plants to be found in the Philippines, it is just a short trip to some of the most renowned dive sites in Asia – Apo Island, Siquijor, and of course the local Dauin Marine Sanctuaries.

While better known as Atlantis Dumaguete, the capital, principal seaport and largest city of the province, we are actually a part of the municipality of Dauin (pronounced Da-win), the epicenter of Dumaguete’s dive scene.

The first two days in the resort, prior to the boat’s departure, will provide you with the opportunity to rest up and even dive prior to our departure on the Atlantis Azores. The extra days at the resort also add insurance your equipment will arrive before the boat departs in case anything was delayed along the way.


There is the potential of diving with whale sharks on the 30th (extra charge of $98.00), weather and conditions permitting. 

Whale Sharks video

This boat itinerary is hard to beat if you want a wide variety of locations as well as incredible diving.

Dive Day Schedule: August 31- September 10, 2019

Day 1, Sept. 1: OSLOB AND SUMILON – Known for whale sharks and mantas

Mantas video

  • Day 2, Sept. 2: MOALBOAL
  • Day 3, Sept. 3: PESCADOR ISLAND
  • DAY 4 & 5, Sept 4 & 5: GATO ISLAND, MONAD SHOAL & MALAPASCUA   (Thresher Sharks)

  • Thresher Sharks video
  • DAY 7, Sept 7: BALICASAG
  • DAY 8, Sept 8: PANGLAO
  • DAY 10, Sept. 10: DISEMBARKATION 8AM

Photographers paradise:

Macro Subjects video

malapascua cebu trip

Day 1: Oslob & Sumilon

We begin our journey snorkeling Oslob with the gentle giants, the Whale Sharks. We then spend the rest of the day diving around tranquil Sumilon Island, surrounded by crystal clear waters and pristine white sandy beaches. Look out for… exquisite coral gardens and drop-offs. ‘Might sees’ in this area include manta rays and sting rays, barracudas, sea turtles and snakes and very occasionally whale sharks and hammerheads.

Day 2: Moalboal

Impressive drop-offs and bottomless walls, divers enjoy the beautiful hard and soft corals. Look out for…. tropical reef fish, nudibranchs, turtles, and barracudas.

Day 3: Pescador Island

Rated as one of the Philippines top dive sites for many years this small island is just a couple of miles due west of Moalboal. The exhilarating scene is set by a small plateau that surrounds the island before it drops vertically into the abyss. The wall is literally teeming with life; frog fish, stonefish, barracuda and turtles are common but the real draw is the sardine run and a chance of a thresher! After diving, we cruise to Malapascua.

Day 4 & 5: Gato Island, Monad Shoal & Malapascua

A sanctuary and protected breeding location for the beautiful sea krait (sea snake) with its resident whitetip sharks, Gato is a great introduction to Malapascua and one of the Philippine’s most talked about dive locations. The island is alive with nudibranchs, harlequin ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorses; photographers will find it hard to choose between macro or wide angle. Malapascua’s reputation has grown due to the frequent close up encounters with thresher sharks & manta rays at Monad Shoal. These mesmerizing creatures are a highlight to any trip. Rather than having a pre-dawn start from area resorts, Azores will be parked right on top as you enjoy a morning coffee.

Day 6: Monad Shoal & Calanggaman Island

The perfect paradise island with its white beaches blue waters, Calanggaman offers beautiful wall diving with an abundance of small creatures, and the occasional rays and sharks. This is an excellent opportunity for a beach day, in which we offer a beach BBQ lunch.

Day 7: Balicasag

A flat island four kilometers southwest of the Duljo Point; the sandy coralline beach is a site to behold. Look out for… jacks, mackerel and barracudas often seen in abundance as well as large groupers, napoleon wrasses and snappers hiding in the over hangs of the dramatic multi-hundred foot vertical walls. Look out for… turtles, whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, eagle & manta rays, schooling barracuda and trevally, frog fish, ghost pipe fish, pygmy and thorny seahorses, plus many different species of nudibranch, among dramatic walls and reefs.

Day 8: Panglao/Visit Bohol Chocolate Hills

Look out for turtles, barracuda and trevally, frogfish, ghost pipefish, pygmy and thorny seahorses, plus many different species of nudibranch along the reef. After two morning dives a land excursion to Bohol’s renowned Chocolate Hills. They look like giant mole hills covered with grass, turning to magnificent chocolate brown at the end of the dry season. We also visit the Tarsiers, the world’s smallest primate, and a unique butterfly farm. You can finish by walking down Alona Beach, famous for its white coral sand.

Day 9: Half a day diving in either Apo Island/Siquijor

We will dive either Apo Island or Siquijor based on conditions. Apo Island is one of the world’s best known community-organized marine sanctuaries. The island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and estimated to have over 400 species of corals.

Siquijor is called Isla del Fuego or the “Island of Fire” and look out for… superb hard and soft corals, fusiliers, many nudibranchs, clown fish, parrot fish, schools of juvenile barracuda and razor fish. Super pristine walls abound!

Day 10: Disembarkation 8AM

And now for the pretty photos:


Here’s what the trip includes:

* 2 nights stay at the Atlantis Dumaguete resort

– RT transfers between Manila and Dumaguete  (66lbs of checked luggage per person. Flights currently 250.00 but subject to change by 2019. Any price change will affect final trip pricing).

     – Domestic terminal fees, , private air conditioned van transfer between Dumaguete Airport and the resort.

     – All meals at Toko’s Restaurant 

     – Brewed coffee, hot tea, iced tea and filtered water are complimentary throughout the day

     – Unlimited internet access

     – Unlimited scheduled boat diving (up to 5 dives/day including night diving. (Excludes equipment rental, dawn dives or additional day trips.)

*****  Exclusions Land stay: Nitrox (2 night stay and 1 day of diving $28.00), Marin Park fees ($22.00/person), Any land excursions (price varies)

Azores Live aboard (10 nights):

  • 10 nights aboard the Azores, twin share accommodations
  • All meals and snacks, local soft drinks
  • Up to 5 dives per day, including night diving
  • tanks and weights
  • Air fills
  • Social servings of local beer and rum and social servings of wine with dinner

***** Exclusions or extra charges: Nitrox (225.00 for the 10 days), Marine Park fees for 10 nights ($200.00) Guests pat these fees at the resort on their personal bill at check out.

Only 16 Spots available on this exciting diving adventure.

Trip Pricing:

Trip does not include airfare from the US to Manila.

2 Nights at Dumaguete resort + 10 nights on Azores (Deluxe accommodations)          $6,499.00        + 3% for payment via credit card

2 Night at Dumaguete resort + 10 nights on Azores (Owner’s Suite)                             $7,299.00        + 3% for payment via credit card

Deposit: $1,000.00 per individual

Payment schedule: 200.00/person per month, balance due by May 20, 2019.

Payments are non-refundable unless the spot is sold/filled by another customer.

Above pricing based on current rates, to include RT air from Manila to Dumaguete. Should the inter island flight change the price of the trip will be adjusted accordingly.

Trip insurance recommended and advised.