Arenui Trip: August 26- September 4, 2020 Komodo

Arenui Live Aboard Trip: August 26- September 4, 2020  (10 days of paradise)

Komodo (Indonesia)



Arenui Live Aboard
Arenui Live Aboard


Join Northeast Scuba on a fantastic dive vacation of a lifetime! You will be diving some of the most pristine waters in the Indonesian chain of islands. The sail will take you to Komodo and it’s surrounding waters. Go ahead and Google these places and see what other divers have experienced. The marine life is varied from very tiny Pygmy Seahorses to large Manta Rays. You might even see a whale shark slowly swimming by while feeding. The diversity of corals is second to none. The vibrant colors of the soft coral are almost unimaginable. If you are a photographer there won’t be a shortage of subjects just the decision as to whether this dive is wide angle or macro. You will have 9 days to enjoy the local waters and be amazed on each and every dive by the wide variety of biodiversity. This is diving at it’s finest!

27-30 dives: (ITINERARY) Check out the great places you will be diving and what you might see there.



Northeast Scuba has charted the entire boat so we have all 8 suites and room for 16 divers. The quality of the accommodations, food and diving are equal to the finest hotels and restaurants land based.


Summary of the trip:   Awaiting info from the Arenuit team on Komodo trip. Will update soon!

August 2020: Trip departs 


The below prices reflect price per diver and whether a deluxe cabin or master suite.Please call me if you have any questions. (All cabins are double occupancy).

Does not include airfare.

Komodo: 30 March, 2018 [9 nights, 10 days] $6,350 1 $6,350
Port Clearance Fee $150 1 $150
Fuel Surcharge $150 1 $150
Parks Fee (Komodo) $250 1 $250
GRAND TOTAL $6900 2 $6900
Komodo: Aug. 26-Sept. 4, 2020, [9 nights, 10 days] $6,350 1 $6,350
Master-Suite Supplement (Komodo) $500 1 $500
Port Clearance Fee $150 1 $150
Fuel Surcharge $150 1 $150
Parks Fee (Komodo) $250 1 $250
GRAND TOTAL $7400 1 $7400


There is a 3% surcharge for all credit card payments.

Airfare not included.

Deposit of $1000.00/pp required to hold your space.  Trip insurance highly recommended- Review DAN’s trip insurance for some of the best coverage in the market.

Payment Plan: (Below is the suggested payment plan)

This trip is a go for August 2020. I have added a payment schedule with multiple but smaller payments for your convenience.

Initial deposit: $1,000.00/pp                                  2nd payment : $500/pp Due

3rd payment: $500.00/pp Due                               4th Payment: $500.00/pp Due

5th Payment: $500.00/pp Due                               6th payment: $500.00/pp Due

7th Payment: $500.00/pp Due                               8th Payment: $500.00/pp Due

9th Payment: $500.00/pp Due                              10th Payment: $500.00/pp Due

11th Payment: $500.00/pp Due                                         12th Payment: $500.00/pp Due

Remaining Balance Due 3/30/2020

3% surcharge for all credit card payments. Airfare not included.

Payments are non-refundable unless the spot is sold/filled by another customer.

Available Suites & Cabins:

For more info on each cabin please click here.

RAMA Master Suite                                                   

SHINTA Master Suite 

BARONG Deluxe Cabin                

Dayak Deluxe Cabin –

LEGONG Deluxe Cabin  –               

GARUDA Deluxe Cabin – 

TORAJA Deluxe Cabin-                    

Ganesh Deluxe Cabin- 

And now for the amazing marine life:


Amazing video:

Komodo onboard Arenui

Komodo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New7Wonders of Nature. Plus you can see the world's largest lizard – the Komodo Dragon!

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