Advanced Trimix


Tuition: $1595.00 + academic materials and gas

Boat Charters additional: Approximate $85.00 per charter

During the Entry Level Trimix Course divers learn how to properly use gas mixes that optimize dive time while minimizing the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Calculating an appropriate END and all associated decompression gases is paramount in reducing risk during these deeper dives. The Entry Level Trimix Course is designed to teach a diver proper procedures and techniques for diving limits up to 200 feet. So what is Advanced Trimix and why is there another mixed gas course?

The Advanced Trimix Course reinforces dive planning and techniques learned in the entry level course and prepare the diver for planning and executing dives as deep as 330 feet. In addition to back-gas, the diver is carrying “travel mix” and will be using “hypoxic” blends of trimix. (This is hypoxic on the surface but not at depth.) Divers often carry three or four stage bottles when executing one of these deeper dives.

Imagine diving some of the deeper wrecks at the 250’+ range or seeing reefs other divers will never see, it can be done with the proper gas and decompression planning. Decompression times are normally greater than those of shallower deep dives and the Advanced Trimix diver must be prepared and equipped for long hangs. It’s not uncommon for a dive to 300 feet for 20 minutes to have a run time that approaches or exceeds 2 hours. Are you up for the challenge?

Tuition: $1495.00 + academic materials and gas