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More than 3/4’s of our earth is covered by water. We have fresh water lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. All you need is the ticket to begin exploring these wet wonderlands and you can earn that ticket by learning to dive through Northeast Scuba.

Northeast Scuba is a full service dive facility offering equipment sales, scuba instruction, repair services and travel. Conveniently located off of I-495 at Exit 34 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, we serve scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from the Boston metro area, Southern New Hampshire (Nashua and Salem) as well as surrounding towns.

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Ten Benefits of Scuba Diving


Courses offered: 

Try Scuba : This is an introductory session to let you see what scuba diving is all about.

Beginner Course (Open Water diver) : You complete all training with Northeast Scuba to include your open water dives.

Course Dates: April 28/29/30, May 12/13/14 FULL), May 19/20/21, June 2/3/4, June 9/10/11, June 30-July 1/2, July 14/15/16, July 28/29/30, August 4/5/6, August 18/19/20, September 8/9/10

Open Water ReferralComplete the academic and confined water training with Northeast scuba and then take your referral to your warm water resort to complete your 4 open water dives.

Advanced Adventurer is for those divers wanting to learn skills and techniques associated with our specialty diver programs. 5 Dives.

Specialty programs like Night, Wreck, Photo, Deep.…and many more. See our Recreational Courses page for a complete listing.

Technical dive training for the diver looking to advance their skills and stay longer and maybe even deeper than recreational limits.

We have added two new pages to better serve you. Current Events will keep you up to date on what’s happening and the Monthly Specials will show deals on service, equipment purchase, courses, etc. 


Perfect Buoyancy Course  10% off
Digital Photography Course   10% off

Scuba Refresher/Tuneup 10% off

Tank Visual Inspections     20.00

United Divers of Central Mass has invited you to attend a club meeting with special guest Richie Kohler. If you have read Shadow Divers, The Last Dive, Mystery of the Last Olympian or ever watched the History Channel’s Deep See Detectives, then you have an idea of who Richie is. I recommend you attend this meeting for a great presentation by an outstanding speaker and divers.


Meet Arlan, Northeast Scuba’s youngest and most enthusiastic customer!


Arlan first visited Northeast Scuba a little over two months ago when he was barley 3 years old, 38 months to be exact. So what did I learn from this little guy? I learned he has a burning desire to be a scuba diver. He wants to see what’s underwater and explore. His parents said he has had this infatuation with being a scuba diver for quite some time and his interest in becoming a scuba diver just gets stronger everyday. 

I loaned Arlan 3 DVDs that showed divers underwater. He did not want DVDs that just showed underwater life, he wanted divers doing their scuba thing. Today he returned my DVs and returned with even more drive to become a diver. He inventoried the equipment in the store noting the “compressed” air tank (he thought they were oxygen tanks on his first visit until I corrected him. He talked about the regulators and what they do for the diver….now remember this little guy is only three years old. 

His enthusiasm is contagious and I really enjoyed today’s visit and look forward to many more in the coming months and years. My amazement in this whole thing is his focus, and I do mean focus, on becoming a diver. Neither mom or dad or divers so they aren’t sure where his interest originated but I do see the possibility of them becoming Arlan’s dive buddies somewhere down the road. It will be interesting to see if he continues growing his interest in diving. He is a pure pleasure to have in the store, radiating his enthusiasm not only to me but to any other customers who might be in at the same time.

Jonathan Quigley: Age 10

Meet Jonathan Quigley, our youngest student in 2017. Jonathan just turned 10 years old in November of 2016. According to his grandmother learning to scuba dive has been a burning passion since he was 5 years old and now he is well on his way to completing his Jr. Open Water Diver certification next month. His enthusiasm and determination made the course work a breeze and he was all ears and eager to learn both academics and pool skills. His 96% on the final exam shows his interest and desire at such a young age.

Now its off on a cruise in April for the Open Water dives in warm clear Caribbean waters. Congratulations Jonathan on a job well done!

Dive Travel:

Traveling with other divers is always an exciting and unique experience. Northeast Scuba typically offers two or more dive trips to exotic (i.e. warmer!) locations each year. Some of our past trips included Grand Cayman, Bonaire, Turks and Caicos, Palau, Trukk, Cozumel, Wakatobi, and Belize. Locally we have planned dive trips off Gloucester and Rockport and to the Thousand Island area of upstate New York and Canada, Eastport in Maine, Rhode Island (German u-boat) and many nearby dive sites. Check out our upcoming trip to Indonesia. We also have Cayman Brac as a destination for October 2017.

We will be in the Phillippines in 2019 and on the Arenui diving Komodo in 2020.Click on the highlighted Komodo for a great video of diving Komodo aboard the Arenui. Manta Ray video from Diving Komodo aboard the Arenui. 

Whale Sharks Video

Mantas Video

Reefs Video

North Carolina wreck diving Sept. 8/9/10, 2017.

Local diving is quite varied in our New England waters and there is much to see. Many divers don’t realize we have a very diverse population of marine life, wreck diving sites as well as many opportunities for hunting/catching underwater. Northeast Scuba often uses several local charter services to schedule boat dives, hunting trips and general exploration.If diving on some of our deeper wrecks holds interest for you then you will find we have connections to those seldom visited sites. If you want to dive locally then we assist you with your diving plans.

Please stop in and talk to us about the exciting world of diving and how you can become a diver or if you already dive, how you might advance your diving skills and knowledge or use our services to improve your diving experience.

Pro-Snorkeling Course: $135.00

Includes training on a Full Face Snorkel Mask (and you get to keep the mask when the training is completed).

Full Face Snorkeling masks are taking over the snorkeling world. They make it easier to enjoy fish and reef watching by just lying in the water and breathing. The mask does not fog up, the snorkel is built in and best of all, the viewing area of the full face mask is larger than typical masks thus making your viewing area even great.

The Northeast Scuba Pro Snorkeling class provides you with not only the proper training for snorkeling and the use of the Full Face mask but it also includes the mask. AT the end of the course the mask you use during the pool training session is your’s to keep. That’s right, the class fee covers 2 hours training in the pool and the mask. You can’t get better than this! There is something better, we have added the SSI on-line training for Snorkeling at absolutely no additional charge. If fact, you will also have access to the Try Scuba program, the Free Diving program and the first 3 chapters of the SSI Open Water Diver course at no additional charge. We want to make sure your experience in the water is enjoyable, safe and possibly leads to other exciting ventures beneath the waves.

Course Date: March 4th, March 25th, April 8th, April 29th, May 13th and May 20th.(Additional classes for the summer will be posted by early May).

Call us at 978-256-2300 or email tom@northeastscuba.com to enroll in this course.


We now have the full face snorkeling mask with the oval port design. 

  • For Medium-Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Mask offers 180 degree view
  • Totally Dry Snorkel
  • Perfect for the novice to the experienced snorkeler
  • Dry Snorkel Technology eliminates water entry the mask without sacrificing performance
  • Top prevents water from entering
  • One-way purge valve for effortless clearing
  • COLORS: Blue, green, red or white
  • Snorkeling Mask – Not for Scuba Diving

Aquabionic 1 fins now in stock:


Product Description: Limited time offer for 2015 fins $129.99 (regular price 179.99).

aquabionic 1 – advanced scuba diving fin technology

The design of the aquabionic fin uses bionic principles as an approach to innovation, referencing strategies found in various marine mammals to generate the most comfortable and powerful fin ever developed. The result is the world’s first water adapting responsive propulsion system for fins, patented as warp technology.

Amplifying a diver’s kick impulse, the forced adaptive dynamic cupping and spreading of the blade actuators and central membrane dynamically modulates the surface area of the fin, capturing and accelerating more undisturbed water for the most efficient propulsion. warp technology allows the fin to be precise and maneuverable at low thrusts and powerful and responsive when more propulsion is needed.

The design features low profile side rails, eliminating side spill by aligning water flow into a mono-directional thrust. This makes the aquabionic1 not only an excellent fin for straight-line flutter kicks, but also a top performer for frog, scull, and other technical kick styles.

The result is a fin that is comfortable enough to wear all day, efficient enough to propel a fully dressed diver with minimal demands on air and energy, yet instantly powerful enough to allow the diver to negotiate the toughest currents and conditions.

Bionics applied and as close to nature as it gets.

Check our current event page for updates on local diving adventures.

Lobster dives, Seal Dives, fun dives and more.

Are Lionfish a threat to our reefs?

Click on Lionfish for a video that shows what’s happening to our reefs in the Atlantic!



Repair services on most major lines of equipment. Most repairs completed within 7-10 days, hydros generally within 7 days.

  • Hydro tests and visual inspections
  • Regulator repair
  • BCD repair
  • Dry suit repair

Air Fills: By the tank or purchase a 20 fill card and save.

Manufacturers/equipment lines:

Scubapro, Sherwood, Genesis, DUI, Henderson, Deep See and many others. Yearly Maintenance and Repair services are available for regulators, BCDs, dry suits, tanks and tank valves. Northeast scuba also offers a complete assortment of rental diving gear as well as a nice selection of used equipment for sale.